Work with us!

We’re always looking for positive, observant humans who want to create consistent quality products, and people who enjoy cultivating a warm welcoming environment and positive experiences for our guests and each other.

Don’t get us wrong – we love coffee, and we’re passionate about serving high quality products. But the larger mission of our work is all about serving people. We very intentionally use the word “hospitality” as opposed to “customer service” because we think there is a big difference between the two concepts. Anyone can clock in, put on their customer service game face, talk through scripted interactions, and complete a list of tasks – but that isn’t what we’re about at Thatcher’s. The intention behind everything we do here is to create the space for more connection, more kindness, and more positivity in our corner of the world. The difference between robotic customer service and genuine hospitality lies in the intention behind all of our actions – we want the Thatcher’s team to believe deeply in providing genuinely welcoming and caring hospitality, and in turn, we want our customers to feel welcomed and cared for. 

Here’s how we see it – we’re kind of changing the world every day that we show up to work. That sounds like a big claim, but hear us out! Maybe we’re not brain surgeons, or finding solutions to clean water in underdeveloped countries, or solving huge global issues; but every day we come to work, we bring people joy, we create and honor the space for people to feel welcome, and we facilitate real human connection in an increasingly disconnected world. We’ve played a small role in the narratives of countless people – the comforting familiarity of those who stop in every morning before work, the place where someone met their significant other or best friend, the shop where entire wedding parties have stopped by before heading off to get married, a safe space to drink coffee and write undisturbed. Human connection looks like a hand written card after someone’s father passed away, or empathizing with someone’s terrible Monday morning. It also looks like laughing together, trading favorite brunch spots, or nerding out over coffee. Our biggest hope is that offering this kindness and connection to our customers inspires them to do the same to everyone else they encounter throughout the day. 

We highly value:

  • open and honest communication: as Brené Brown says, “clear is kind”
  • emotional intelligence & empathy
  • respect in scheduling
  • showing up as our authentic selves and taking pride in our work

Open Positions as of 9/1/2022:

0 – we are not currently actively hiring. However, we are certain that things always change! If you’d like to introduce yourself, connect, and start the conversation for when we are hiring, please email us:
hiring at thatcherscoffee dot com with a resume and cover letter telling us a bit about yourself! Please put Work With Us as your subject line.

Thank you for your interest in working with us!